Time & Attendance solutions


Equip Your organisation with Biometric Time Attendance Solutions


Improve your process for monitoring employee attendance and personnel access in your company with a reliable biometric-enabled time attendance solutions. We offer a wide range of automated time attendance machines and access control systems for organisations. Whatever your business requirements are, you can find a cost-effective solution here at Arana Security.

We provides a broad range of attendance monitoring systems from leading brands worldwide, providing an accurate clock-in & clock-out records that can be transferred to a variety of payroll applications. In addition, they offer valuable features like anti-“buddy punching” functions, real-time employee notifications or job code management. Also to allow you HR personnel accurately monitor and record employee leaves, absences, and overtime, as well as create and export detailed reports.

They can also be used to monitor and keep track of presence times in sports centers, schools, universities or childcare centers.

Signing-in Options
Choice of signing-in terminals suitable to your working environment. Enabling your employees to sign-in via biometric, card readers, fobs, mobile or PC devices.

Assists with compliance
Produce alerts to inform you of any individual potentially exceeding legal working hours and assists with your GDPR requirements by centralising records and deleting them to your policies.

Centralised staff records
Use one system to track time for all of your employees no matter their location. Allow staff to plan, log and approve time from within the office or remote locations.

Achieve payroll accuracy
Reduce any costly and time-consuming payroll or data entry errors by integrating into your existing payroll software or using Arana Security own payroll solution.

Meet your scheduling needs
Create timesheets based on availability, pay rates or employee skills that meets the requirements of your business or individual teams.

Eliminate manual processes
Take the administrative time and risk of manual errors away with automated time and attendance software.

Generate a quick report or bespoke reports based on real-time data to analyse productivity output, absence or payroll exports.