Payment card solution

payment card solution



Let your cash flow freely from online to in store with simple payment card solution, secure and reliable payment solutions to suit you.

QuickBuy is a smart payment card solution for both shops and online stores, the system is designed to take the complete payment process to secure online system. The system relies on online accounts to handle the financial status

The system consists of two parts:

  1. Smart-pay cards
  2. Quickbuy application

1) Smart-pay cards


  • prepaid rechargeable card.
  • Wide availability.
  • One year card expiry.
  • Minimum transaction fee.
  • No bank account is required.
  • Electronic wallet.
  • Online account.
  • Customer support.

2) Quick Buy application


A free application for Android smartphones integrated with the smart card to be used for payment in stores.

  • No need to keep money with you, use your smart Phone.
  • Simple user interface.
  • High level of information security.


How the application works:

  • Customer scan QR code on the product
  • View product information.
  • Customer confirm purchasing the product.
  • Vendor receive message notification.
  • Vendor confirm the purchasing.
  • Money transfer from customer to vendor.
  • Ability to buy multiple products at the same time.