ioT security solution

Internet of Things security solution


The Internet of Things  is a network of connected objects, systems, platforms, and applications that contain embedded technology to communicate and share intelligence with each other, the external environment, and people. Internet of Things security solution and electronic equipment increasingly has the ability to communicate with each other where new requirements are continuously  driving innovation and development.

Ideas for bringing automotive, industrial, telcom and utility strategies to market quickly — and securely.

Arana Security works with our partners to provide a solution which guarantees the right expertise in cryptography, embedded systems and trusted infrastructures to ensure the right security level for every device, application, system and user. Realising your IoT vision begins with securing your infrastructure means that you are taking the next step in securing your data at a higher level. With the assurance that such data is usable only by authorized devices, applications and users, this solution allows you to create trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguard the flow of data across your infrastructure. The solutions also accelerate adoption of IoT into your enterprise architecture.


Leverage the provisioning of identities to facilitate fast enrollment of devices in the supply chain ecosystem. Secure interactions between people, applications and elements in your connected ecosystems are established through authentication and authorization. This level of security ensures the secure flow of data, the expanded visibility into the supply chain and the ability to track the security history of products, from manufacturer through the entire life cycle.