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Arana Security can offer you high quality  CCTV solutions and reliability CCTV surveillance. CCTV is important for the protection of personnel as well as properties. We understand that some industries operate in an environment that changes quickly, and we work with you to ensure you have a solution that is suitable for your organisation.

  • Need for accessing the video (live/playback) over internet
  • Multiple devices with different capability need appropriate user experience.
  • g. Web/tablet for HD video and phones for SD video viewing
  • Making efficient use of bandwidth
  • Streaming H.264 instead of network hungry MJPEG
  • Setting up privacy masks in a video (live/recorded or exported)

Understand the Technology

Prior to setting up a CCTV camera for remote viewing, it is helpful to understand the technology behind remote viewing. Cameras that allow for remote viewing are Internet Protocol cameras, or IP cameras. Internet Protocol is what makes it possible to view the camera feed from other locations.

First, an IP CCTV camera converts the camera’s signal into a digital file. This file can be sent through a networking system or the Internet. Many times, these files are sent through a digital video recorder system, or a DVR, which records and stores video footage in a viewable file. The DVR then connects to the Internet through a wireless router or fixed cables, allowing for live streaming of the camera feed. At that point, software programs can play the live feed or camera owners can download applications to their smartphones or devices that are compatible with the CCTV camera’s format. From there, the viewing options are almost limitless.