cctv solutions

Tackling security the smart way

Arana Security can offer you high quality and reliable CCTV surveillance. CCTV is important for the protection of personnel as well as properties. We understand that some industries operate in an environment that changes quickly, and we work with you to ensure you have a solution that is suitable for your organisation.

We clients have included:

  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate Offices
  • Housing Developments
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Factories and Warehouses

We offer solutions that cater for:

  • Need for accessing the video (live/playback) over internet
  • Multiple devices with different capability need appropriate user experience
  • Web/tablet for HD video and phones for SD video viewing
  • Making efficient use of bandwidth
  • Making efficient use of bandwidth
  • Streaming H.264 instead of network hungry MJPEG
  • Setting up privacy masks in a video (live/recorded or exported)

benefits of our cctv solutions

  • 24 hour surveillance from wherever you are from your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • An option to record and store surveillance footage with a DVR
  • Heat sensors
  • Options for rental packages or buy packages
  • Option for set packages, 4 camera package, 6 camera package and 8 camera package
  • Camera options with 360 rotate
  • Record to your phone or tablet wherever you are
  • Day and night cameras
  • Movement sensors

related projects

As part of a large security initiative we consulted and thereafter installed CCTV for a Middle Eastern government and their police across multiple sites. Due to the political situation and security concerns we were required to conduct a full audit of the buildings and various sites to ensure all cameras were well positioned and could be used as a proactive solution to manage and oversee security.

“We commissioned Arana Security to advise and deliver a CCTV solution and we are very happy with the service provided. The communication has been excellent and work was delivered to agreed dates.”

Government Official, Middle East