Arana Security can provide secure solutions for all sectors of education. From primary schools to multi-campus universities, we are able to provide a safe, secure learning environment within the limitation of today’s budgets and regulations understanding such challenges for every education sector. Offering integrated security solutions that help education facilities meet the challenges face in todays every growing potential threats.

Schools and colleges have an important role in protecting both staff and pupils that is why it is crucial that the correct security measures are in place.

Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased over the years as education facilities across different countries have become the target of crime and violence – educational establishments are well aware of the duty of care they owe staff and students, but with often limited resources, the need for cost-effective, reliable and flexible security solutions is of vital importance.

We can provide access control solutions and biometric ID solutions to Universities, colleges and schools to restrict unauthorised access to areas accommodating valuable equipment such as libraries, IT suites or laboratories, as well as ‘secure’ areas such as halls of residence, records offices, staff rooms or medical facilities.