Smart Mobile Terminals


Arana Security is dedicated to providing more convenient, secure, reliable and durable handled smart mobile terminals to clients from various industries.

University and corporate grounds, government and industry are increasingly requesting the capability to positively identify individuals using mobile or handheld wireless solutions. Wireless competencies help to minimize risks associated with security and safety while at the same time allowing for a better use of resources.

Opposed to simply doing a visual verification of an individual, a wireless solution can be used to read verify data from an ID card. Real-time data can be compared to stored data to allow on-site security or management decisions to be made on the spot. Data can also be stored in the unit for later transfer to a primary database in a PC.

There are a variety of uses for the mobile handheld product, examples include:

  • Mobile identification and verification
  • Mustering and emergency evacuation
  • First Responder programs
  • Transportation products
  • Access to events

Biometric identification and authentication do not necessarily require recording data in a biometric database.

Biometric data may be stored in a chip embedded in an electronic ID card or passport, a smartphone, etc. During the authentication process, the data in the chip are compared with the physical data of the card or passport bearer. With Match-On-Card technology, this operation can be performed on the chip itself, so that no data ever leaves the chip.

Android Mobile Terminal

Android Mobile Terminal 

Android-based mobile computer, delivers unprecedented excellence. It features powerful quad-core processor, stable wireless connectivity (4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), high-resolution camera, accurate GPS, NFC and optional 2D image scanning, iris recognition

Windows CE Terminal

Windows CE Terminal

Is the most advanced handheld fingerprint device enabling real-time identification based. Compact, easy to use and accurate