What is Biometric?

Biometric authentication solutions from Arana Security brings biometric technology to any identity application where knowing “who” matters. Renowned industry-wide for superior biometric performance, fingerprint and thumbprint sensors are used to authenticate in number of different sectors such as banks, secure busy international borders, government premises, etc., and ensure public goods and services reach the intended recipients.

Each biometric has its advantages and drawbacks, depending on its degree of variability over time, the quality of capture and how often is used. For example, a person’s voice may be subject to occasional or even permanent changes.

Arana Security is provider in all the three major biometric modalities, namely fingerprint, face and iris recognition. These three types of biometrics are especially reliable and effective, while being easy to deploy and use.

The fast-growing number of connected devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) goes hand in hand with the increasingly critical nature of the applications and content we can find on them. Times have changed, and we live in a world where mobility reigns. However, the typical uses and security behaviours that worked at home on a PC are more difficult to apply on the move, where passwords have reached their limits. But, more than ever, we still have to protect our data, transactions and our identity.

Biometrics is one answer: a simple wave of the hand, pressing a finger on a scanner, or looking at a camera for a second is enough to authenticate our identity.

Our Biometric Solutions include:

Arana BioBox /BioStation ID


We offer a comprehensive identity solution that prevents duplication, significantly reduces the risk of fraud, supports access control and contributes to your overall security.



Green Bit designs and produces high-end fingerprint Livescan systems helping partners in the Law Enforcement and Government ID community to make this world a safer place.

IDEMIA / Morpho biometric terminals


OT-Morpho is now IDEMIA, the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world.

As the world leader in biometric terminals, IDEMIA offers a large portfolio of devices specifically designed for physical access control and workforce time and attendance management.



SecuGen’s feature-rich, rugged and high performance fingerprint sensors and readers