ANPR cameras


We pride ourselves in providing our Clients with industry-leading camera technology that enables the safety and security of all parties’ desire. Arana Security works closely with our partners’ and their various range of ANPR cameras which allows us to adapt bespoke capabilities with the most innovative products and highest standards of service.

ANPR cameras allow for the vehicle number plate to be read and identified as an authorized vehicle before access is given. Such access control solution can increase the security greatly for sensitive high-risk sites. Access control, speed enforcement, toll collection, traffic analysis and vehicle identification are all elements that are able to be selected and monitored based on the requirements of the situation.

The ANPR process normally takes no more than a few hundredths of a second, so it is possible to register multiple license plates by even a single camera and also in high-speed environments. Consistently successful ANPR/LPR, however, depends on many technological factors and the ability to adapt to several environmental variables.


ARH is a global leader in developing and distributing recognition software, ANPR cameras and passport readers. Capitalizing on its broad expertise − and always with an absolute commitment to quality – ARH drives innovation in intelligent traffic systems, access control and identity document management. ARH is an independent, owner-managed corporation playing a key role in the evolution of automatic license plate reading and ID authentication.