Penetration Testing



The aim of the Penetration testing is to find out the vulnerabilities of specific software, hardware, and operation of the institutions by simulating the actions of users with a limited privilege or who are completely unauthorized.

This Services allows you to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities which may pose a great risk to your company with the penetration testing service provided in advance.

It will perform extensive penetration testing particularly in the finance and healthcare sectors, aims to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with its experience of working with large enterprises in many different sectors such as energy, telecommunication, e-commerce, insurance, payment gateways and public sector.

Penetration Test Steps

The Penetration Tests are carried out by the teams consisting of more than one security expert in each field. Created with an inter-disciplinary approach, six basic steps of the Penetration Test are followed in order

  • Defining the scope
  • Footprinting and identifying the network topology
  • Exploitation
  • Detailed research and analysis of the vulnerabilities
  • Reporting
  • Recommendations and follow up tests