Government & Defence


Governments and the defense sector face some of the most pernicious cyber-attackers, including state-sponsored ones. The stakes are high and government defense is continually confronted with new, unseen threat methodologies that change quickly, move subtly, and are very difficult to detect.

For this sector the needs for cyber security differs from the private sector’s needs.In particular, the safety control of the goods imported form abroad has solely become a need. Thanks to our expert team in the field, we search for vulnerabilities in the most widely used products in the world and share them with related institutions. With these efforts, we take national security a step further and create awareness around the world. All kinds of hardware and software that can risk security, including blackbox systems, if needed, can be tested.

Nowadays, cyber attacks are shaped by political factors and become more unplanned. We predict and end the attacks that will take place against the public institutions with the Cyber Intelligence Platform GPACT, which continuously monitors the environment of the attackers.

RAVEN allows deployment of custom sensors for all communication platforms and environment used by target groups on interest. some of the Features, Real time tracking, Dark-web sensors, relation search etc, for further information please contact us.

Solutions we provide for the public sector include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Attack Drills
  • Code Audit
  • Security Training’s