E-commerce security



Money”, as one of the main motivations of the cyber attackers, makes E-commerce sites one of the main targets. In particular, many recent cases of the cyber attacks worldwide and leaked databases show the size of this danger.

The news about the increasing amount of the cyber attacks targeting e-commerce that is widely heard today is the only visible aspect of the iceberg. Every day, dozens of e-commerce sites that vary in size are being exposed by attackers, and databases are shared in the attackers’ environments so-called “deep-web”.

In general, the sales-focused e-commerce sites ignore security and many of them are forced to stop their operations because of the complaints of customers and complaints of credit card control centers due to these attacks. With secure code development and regular penetration tests, the e-commerce sites need to be constantly prepared for the most recent attacks. Thanks to its cyber intelligence enables to take precautions against many problems by testing the most recent methods used by attackers and fraudsters.

Solutions we provide for E-Commerce companies include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Attack Drills
  • Code Audit
  • Secure Code Development Life-cycle
  • Security Training’s

and can be extended for other requirements.