Cyber Attack Drill


Are you really ready for a cyber attack?


Institutions use different hardware and software to prevent themselves from cyber attacks. The success rate of these cybersecurity investments against a possible attack is always a question mark. That’s, why we are offering a Cyber attack drill.

Attackers have no rules

Even if penetration tests allow you to examine the specific part of your system or your specific applications in detail, you need to make sure that all the precautions you have taken to protect your institution is in place and ready. With the cyber attack drill, performs a planned attack simulation by analyzing your institution’s all opened services and potential risks. The results of this exercise carried out by taking note of each step’s time and method are then shared with the institution to test the existing security infrastructure of the institution and fix necessary cycles. It ensures that you are constantly on alert for the actual attacks with these exercises, allowing you to measure especially the functioning of the security operation teams, the effectiveness of the equipment supplied, evaluation of the attack correlation rules, and the awareness of the employees.

Even though the Penetration Testing and the Cyber Attack Drills are considered as similar services, the main differences between them are more clearly expressed in the table below.