About Us


Tackling Security the smart way

Mission Statement

Arana Security aims to provide bespoke security technology solutions aimed at improving the safety in and around your organization. With our continuous development of state-of-the-art technologies and every growing partnership enables us to remain up to date with products and solutions that provide companies with the highest level of quality in the security sector.

Company Information

Arana Security specializes in Smart Card technology, Biometric solution, Access Control, Cyber Security and Surveillance and monitoring systems. Priding ourselves on ensuring full end-to-end security solutions, from design and programming to printing and authentication, we work in close collaboration with clients to deliver a solution that ensure harmony between quality, reliability and cost.

We provide secure and innovative solutions allowing us to customise to the exact requirement  for your needs. We aim to bring the most state of the art technology and solutions to the market. We have our own developers who can customise the application to give us the flexibility of the client’s needs.

With extensive experience delivering such solutions internationally to both public and private sector organisations, using the latest in smart technology we can deliver tailor made solutions to suite your organisation.

The company’s business policy is based on:
• Clients vision
• Cutting-edge technology
• Outstanding quality of support and services
Arana Security goal is to meet the needs of its clients and fulfil their requirements through combining know-how, expertise and state-of-the art technology with excellent quality of support and services.